Armaments Production & Defence

Prior to the formation of the Company, Sam Thomson and Vic van Eck were members of the Roberts Construction team responsible for the design of the Atlas Aircraft Corporation facility constructed for the manufacture and maintenance of fixed and rotary wing aircraft for the South African Air Force.

The aircraft industry provided a springboard that resulted in the company becoming actively involved in many major developments relating to armaments production and defence. In the majority of instances, the company was appointed as the principal agent with responsibilities for project management, multi-disciplined engineering and financial control.Aviation 1

Aircraft Production & Maintenance

Since 1970, the major part of the extensions to the existing facilities at Atlas Aircraft Corporation’s factory (recently renamed Denel Aerostructures (Pty) Ltd) have been undertaken by TvE. Projects include extensions to the mechanical, hydraulic and fuel maintenance shops, construction of new engine test facilities with fuel tank farm modifications, construction of a new helicopter blade manufacturing shop and extensions, installation of fire detection and protection to hangars, construction of a new aircraft paint shop capable of accommodating Boeing 707′s, construction of a new helicopter structural test facility, new offices, office extensions and specialised air conditioning for computer rooms and high precision hydraulic workshops. A 10 000mĀ² hangar for the maintenance of narrow and wide bodied aircraft as large as the Boeing 747 was designed and built in 1996. Maintenance shops and offices for this facility were also completed.


The cabin services facility for SAA as well as the Safair hangar mechanical requirements were designed by the company.

TvE also constructed an aluminium and magnesium foundry for Telcast Engineering Works incluiding the subsequent extensions.

Air Reconnaissance InterpretationĀ & Laboratory Facility

TvE provided full multi-disciplined engineering and cost control services for a development for the combined branches of the Defence Force comprising photographic laboratories and interpretation facilities, with associated offices and a training centre.

Missile Production & Testing Ranges

The company provided multi-disciplined engineering and cost control for the design, planning and implementation of Denel’s Houwteq manufacturing facility for the development of a low earth orbit vehicle with single and dual stage booster rockets, and the development and manufacture of commercial low cost observation satellites.

In addition we provided the provision of professional services associated with various infrastructural facilities for Kentron at the St Lucia missile testing facility.